posted on June 23rd, 2017


It’s “Take your pet to work” day! Did you bring Fido to the office today? Or maybe Mittens is closed up in that conference room no one ever uses?

Whether or not you brought your furry friend to work today, there are hundreds of pet-friendly cars for rent on Turo that welcome man’s best friend, so you can bring your pets along on your next big adventure. Here are some of the coolest cats around that welcome your cool (and well behaved) cats and dogs as your co-pilots.

Mike’s Audi S4

Newton, MA

Emily’s Mazda 3

Austin, TX

Robert’s Mercedes-Benz CLA Class

El Segundo, CA

Zach’s Honda Civic

Denver, CO

Asish’s Toyota RAV4

Jersey City, NJ

Jacqui’s Toyota Prius

Portland, OR

Maggie’s Honda Accord

Jersey City, NJ

Eric’s Toyota Tundra

Gardena, CA

Sam’s Ford Mustang

Los Angeles, CA

Osama’s Hyundai Elantra

Toronto, ON

Darren’s Tesla Model X

Los Angeles, CA

Sconson’s Subaru Forester

Beaverton, OR

Dox’s Mitsubishi Mirage

Boston, MA

John’s Toyota Prius C

San Diego, CA

Jeff’s Jeep Wrangler

Honolulu, HI

Zach’s Audi Allroad

Denver, CO

Megan is the copywriter and content tsarina at Turo. She lives to wander near and far, never met a beach (or dog) she didn’t like, and loves to talk postmodern lit and theory to anyone who’ll listen.