posted on February 21st, 2017

When temperatures drop and icy winds start to blow, that’s exactly when the thirst for snow hits hard in ski bums everywhere. Now that the mountains are lushly covered in powder, we don’t blame you for wanting to join them. We’ve collected our sturdiest ski bum cars to get you to the mountains whether you’re out West in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, California, and Nevada, or near Montreal and Vermont.

Colin’s Land Rover LR4 2012

This is your sleek ski bum. Though he wears a suit the rest of the year, he lives at the resort in the winter, growing out his thick ski beard and committing to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich diet all season long. Should you require a nimble dance partner après-ski, he cleans up nice and has a few smooth jigs up his sleeve — just don’t share this little gem with his fellow rippers.

Denver, CO

Zach’s Audi Allroad 2014

She essentially grew up on skis and is uncomfortable when her ankles feel too free. You’ll find her bombing down the mountain everyday of the week, trying to scare the weekenders off her favorite runs. She can’t turn down a challenge — ask her how many times she’s skied sans clothes — but after a few hot beverages in the lodge, she’ll warm up just a touch.

Denver, CO

Mandy’s Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2011

With his turtlenecks and thick mustache, this guy cuts quite the stylish impression. He’s known for his elaborate aerial techniques, always performed in a loud, color-blocked parka, so that nobody can ever miss them. Despite his penchant to perform, he’s undeniably skilled and full of pizazz, so he’ll never leave you bored.

Bountiful, UT

Stephen’s Subaru Forester 2014

This gal is not on-board with the term “ski bum.” It seems to her that ripping up the gnar for months on end is a far more active and productive way to live than watching TV every night. She doesn’t mind sleeping in bathtubs, in trunks, or the extra space right in front of your fridge — it’s warm there — and she honestly enjoys giving lessons to the kiddies. But whenever the snow starts to melt she’s off again to find a new mountain, so catch her while you can.

Midvale, UT

Nick’s Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011

This Jeep is an excellent skier, thank you very much, but he prefers to snowboard. He feels more grounded and connected to the mountain. As far as bums go, he has a reputation as a responsible one. He doesn’t mind salting the lodge deck, running the lift, or helping pick up the occasional yard sale, he’s just here for all the free rides, brah.

Verdi, NV

Jason’s Nissan Pathfinder 2011

This is your strict backcountry skier, who thinks lifts are for the uninitiated and feels hemmed in if he’s not off-piste. He totally understands that it’s a huge production to ski that way, but come on, man, isn’t that the point? He’s been working with some new skins that have really changed his game, you should totally check them out.

Jackson, WY

Pasha’s Porsche Cayenne 2017

She keeps it classy because that’s her style, but also because she owns this whole resort. While not everyone can manage the delicate balance of business and pleasure, it occurred to her the that she could perpetually ski for free if the resort were hers, and she’s always been resourceful. So even though she wouldn’t be caught dead without one of her fine faux furs on, she’ll always be a ski bum in her heart.

San Francisco, CA

Piyush’s Toyota Sequoia 2008

This is the philosopher skier who has tried every style of skiing known to man and still has all of the gear to lend to friends. He’s personally a fan of the ancient wooden skis that he dug up at an estate sale, because, as he says, “it’s a conduit for connecting the past and the present.” His style of meditation skiing has yet to catch on super widely, but there is a loyal fan base that gravitate to the zen bubble he carries with him down the mountain.

Redwood City, CA

Yun’s Toyota RAV4 2014

Everyone has this friend. She’s the one who stretches you, broadens your horizons, and gives you a little push when you’re standing at the top of a double Black Diamond having second thoughts. Somehow she can land any jump and take any turn, which is a relief, because you’re going to need someone to scoop you back up after you’re done. Later, on solid ground and with the comfort of a cold beer, you will admit that if it weren’t for her, you’d be a really average skier.

Brossard, QC

Keith’s Ford F-150 2008

This truck is the chillest dude on the mountain. You’ve known him since middle school, and nothing about him has changed, except maybe which snowboard is currently attached to his feet. You’ve only ever seen him wear a ragged hoodie and long plaid shorts, even when there’s a blizzard. And no matter what happens, he’s got the calm demeanor to roll with it. People say he once helped a moose give birth. Getting up and down the mountain, he does that in his sleep.

South Burlington, VT

Kamala Puligandla is a writer and an editorial assistant at Turo. She is always on the hunt for a strange story, a great snack, and the perfect outdoor spot to consume them.