posted on November 27, 2020

The V8 twin-turbo family bahn stormer

Once a commonplace sight for decades on end, the traditional station wagon is now a rare breed on today’s streets. Modern family haulers with car-like handling and proportions have been overtaken by the rise of the SUV, and it’s even slimmer pickings out there for high-performance wagons built for speed. But for a handful of lucky customers, Audi has the answer. This November, we’re celebrating Turo host Quan’s 2021 Audi RS6 Avant as our car of the month.

2021 Audi RS6 Avant

4.0L V8590 hp3.5 sec190 mph17 mpg$1,000
4.0L V8590 hp3.5

For those not in the know, the Audi’s “RS” cars are some of the top dogs when it comes to performance, but a select few RS models have made their way stateside. In Europe, Audi has offered the RS6 in both sedan and Avant form (what the folks from Ingolstadt call a wagon) over the years, but never has the Avant been offered in the wagon-averse US market. Until last year.

Because Audi has only sold fewer than 400 of the new 2021 RS6 Avant in the US, Quan’s car is one of the rarest vehicles on the road, and also one of the best-looking Audis to date (which is saying something). At first glance, the RS6 makes its presence known with massive fender flares and an aggressive bumper treatment, meaning there is no mistaking this car for any old A6. Equally as bold are the massive 22-inch wheels, which look straight off an auto show concept car. They are without a doubt necessary though, as the RS6’s huge front brake calipers and rotors need every bit of available real estate.

Under the hood sits a 4.0L V8 carrying a double dose of turbochargers that produce a colossal 590 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, which is enough to scare most sports cars. Gear changes are not a worry, as the RS6 takes care of them with the utmost efficiency thanks to its 8-speed ZF automatic. Put the pedal down and the Audi super wagon can hit 60 in a smidge over 3 seconds. Yet even with the monster performance, the RS6 features a mild hybrid system to help save a bit of fuel in between all the fun.

While a lot of high-powered cars have to make do with sending power to just the rear wheels, the RS6 Avant utilizes the latest version of Audi’s rally winning Quattro all-wheel drive system. No horsepower is wasted, especially with 285mm wide tires fitted at each corner to keep estate car planted, rain or shine.

But Quan’s RS6 Avant is more than just an impressive spec sheet. With seating for five, the RS6 Avant is designed to be just as practical as it is fast. As one would come to expect in a German luxury car, the interior is exquisite and restrained, with fine materials and excellently bolstered front seats. In a world packed full of technology, the RS6 is proud to show off the latest and greatest from Audi. Gauge readouts are handled by a sleek digital cluster, and the climate controls and infotainment system are adjusted through a dual stack of touchscreens.

It’s not often that a car like the Quan’s Audi RS6 Avant comes along. For potential customers, this vehicle comes with an intimidating price tag and a foreign-to-Americans body style. But Audi has knocked the RS6 out of the park — its style and presence on the road befit the Avant’s rarity, and anyone who knows this car knows how special it is.

The next time you find yourself in Orlando, check out Quan’s 2021 Audi RS6 Avant. Not only will you be able to experience supercar acceleration, but you’ll also have room to take the whole family along for the ride.

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