posted on May 28, 2021

Mean, green, Bavarian machine

BMW is no stranger to performance cars, and when the mighty M badge is followed by a single number, it’s fair to say the Bavarians mean business. However, nowadays BMW faces some stiff competition, so the M cars not only have to perform, but also make a statement. That’s why we’re highlighting Turo host Gus’ BMW M4 Competition as our car of the month for May 2021.

Gus’ 2021 BMW M4 Competition (Miami, FL)

2021 BMW M4 Competition

3.0L I6503 hp3.8 sec180mph19 mpg$298
3.0L I6503 hp3.8
180 mph19 mpg$298

First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room: Yes, the new M4 has a massive pair of kidney grilles staring you in the face, but in a sea of modern cars that seem to meld together, BMW isn’t afraid to try something different. The rest of the exterior will be familiar to the BMW loyalists, as the M4’s proportions don’t deviate too far from the previous generation, but this time around they’re sharper and more aggressive. Perhaps helping the grille go down easier is this excellent Isle of Man Metallic Green paint that highlights the numerous styling differences that set the M4 apart from the standard 4 Series.

While the M4 definitely looks the part, it’s the performance under the hood that really matters to most drivers. Like many BMWs, the M4 has the traditional 3.0L inline-six engine, but the addition of two turbochargers are clear indicators the new M4 isn’t messing around. As a Competition model, Gus’ M4 has even more power than the standard car, bringing horsepower up to 503 (30 more than the base M4). The torque is where you’ll really feel it though, as the Competition model gains an additional 73 lb-ft, boosting total torque output to a steroidal 479 starting as low as 2,750 RPM.

The eight-speed ZF automatic takes care of the gear changes as the power makes its way to the rear wheels. Get the launch to hyperdrive right, and the M4 Competition can blow 60 mph out of the water in just 3.8 seconds. Need to slow things down? The M4’s beefy six-piston front calipers are more than happy to convert kinetic energy into heat as you come to a stop.

Just as important as the powertrain is the chassis that underpins the M4. BMW is known for building vehicles with impressive handling, and there’s no doubt the M4 lives up to that claim. The front MacPherson strut and multilink rear suspension recipe continues the legacy of the compact M car driving dynamics that set the benchmark for many performance car enthusiasts. Instead of a moonroof, Gus’ M4 features the sleek carbon fiber roof panel, which not only sheds weight, but also lowers the car’s center of gravity. Staggered 19- and 20-inch cross spoke wheels wrapped in 275mm and 285mm Michelin rubber ensure maximum grip when putting the M4 through its paces.

Hop into the driver seat of the M4 and there’s no shortage of sport or luxury. The two-tone perforated leather sport seats provide the support for spirited driving when you want it, and the convenience of cooling and heated functionality for those times that you want to simply cruise in comfort. BMW likes to pack the latest technology into its vehicles, which means Gus’ M4 has goodies such as Apple CarPlay and wireless phone charging. And when you’re on the move, the BMW keeps a watchful eye out for you with blindspot monitoring and parking sensors for those tight spaces.

Two-door performance coupes seem to be far and few these days, which puts the new 2021 BMW M4 in a unique position for drivers who want the raw performance of a sports car, but the comfort and road manners of a luxurious 2+2 coupe for the bits of cruising between the fun. Put the hammer down and the Bavarian ‘Bahn burner is sure to put a smile on your face. So if you’re ever in Miami and want to turn up the heat, check out Gus’ BMW M4 Competition to sample the new 2021 M4.

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