posted on April 25, 2020

Stave off boredom with these pretty pictures

Bored in the house? Tending to your indoor succulents and trying to read books again can only fill so much time, so we’re bringing you a moment of zen each week in the form of some of our most favorite motorcars from around the Turo marketplace. We like cars, you like cars, so let’s look at some cars.

Celebrate the anniversary of Porsche’s founding on this day in 1931, and take a look at this excellent 2014 911 GT3. As 911s go, the GT3 is the no-nonsense version. It’s a potent track-ready package that’s added a healthy amount of power, much lightness, big brakes, and center lock wheels. The protruding chin, gaping front intakes, and conspicuous rear wing make this distinguishable from a standard 911 Carrera. With sharper steering, more downforce, and the extra grunt, the GT3 is all about driving. But despite all the hardcore focus, it still comes with the comforts of a Porsche interior.

Numbers: the naturally aspirated (no turbos) 3.8L flat-six makes a peak 475 horsepower (75 more than the corresponding Carrera S) and revs up to a screaming 9,000 RPM through the PDK transmission. This example has the optional carbon-ceramic brakes and heated sport seats. This has got to be the ultimate sports car, doesn’t it?

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Steven is an avid car guy and content maker at Turo. Between Golden State Warriors games he can be found getting lost somewhere in California.