posted on May 14, 2021

Stave off boredom with these pretty pictures

Still bored in the house? All quarantine long we’ve been bringing you regular moments of zen in the form of some of our most favorite motorcars from around the Turo marketplace. We like cars, you like cars, so let’s look at some cars.

Meet the Plymouth Prowler, one of the weirdest and most interesting cars in recent memory. Chrysler (Plymouth’s parent brand) was on a roll in the ‘90s, churning out successful designs from the Viper down to the PT Cruiser (that’s right, they sold over a million PT Cruisers). That confidence led to this two-seat retro-style roadster that’s so radically niche that it’s incredible it was built at all. With its aggressively sloped body, open front wheels, and protruding bumperettes, the Prowler’s funky, cartoonish design pays homage to the American hot rods of the ‘50s. It’s impractical, ridiculous, and a bit tacky to some, which are exactly the qualities that make it so much fun.

David’s 1999 Plymouth Prowler (Las Vegas, NV)

David’s 1999 Plymouth Prowler hides all sorts of enjoyable details, from the pinstripe accents on the exterior, “Plymouth Prowler” emblazoned on the rear bumper, and the excellent Prowler logo on the steering wheel, seats, and even the engine — a 3.5L V6 that makes 253 horsepower. Some enthusiasts look back at the Prowler as an amusing but flawed experiment, but its reasonably tame power and automatic transmission make it fairly straightforward to drive for the rest of us. As David notes in the listing’s description, if you’re wanting to turn heads on the Las Vegas strip, this might be the best vehicle on Earth.

Steven is an avid car guy and content maker at Turo. Between Golden State Warriors games he can be found getting lost somewhere in California.