posted on June 29, 2021

The next name in luxury is Genesis

The auto industry is not an easy playing field to make big changes, let alone build an entirely new brand. While Hyundai has experimented with the Genesis name on previous vehicles, in 2015 the decision was made to launch Genesis as an all-new luxury brand. Not only would Genesis feature a new line of high end luxury cars, but would also be ready to take on the veteran players from Europe and Japan. And to set the bar even higher, Genesis has now entered into the SUV segment. So for June’s car of the month, let’s take a look at Turo host Desmond’s 2021 Genesis GV80.

Desmond’s 2021 Genesis GV80 (Lauderhill, FL)

2021 Genesis GV80

2.5L 4300 hp6.1 sec149 mph23 mpg$158
2.5L 4-cyl300 hp6.1 sec149 mph23 mpg$158

SUVs remain a top choice for a lot of drivers, but standing out in a sea of crossovers from nearly every manufacturer is a tall order these days. Rest assured though, as the Genesis GV80 won’t be mistaken for any other vehicle. Most prominent is the large cross lace pattern grille, with a polished finish to highlight the detailed intricacies. Another interesting design element comes in the form of the LED headlights and rear taillights. Instead of the conventional bulky light housings, the GV80 takes a modern approach and utilizes slender light “strips” that look like they were carved right out of the body work.

Hop inside Desmond’s GV80 and you’ll see the upscale theme continues throughout the interior. Heated black leather upholstery provides an additional level of comfort for the front seat occupants, along with 16-way adjustability. It’s not uncommon for a lot of automakers to overwhelm their cars with more buttons and switches than Doc Brown’s DeLorean, yet Genesis refreshingly exercises restraint when it comes to interior styling and ergonomics. The gear selector and climate controls fall to hand in the dark burled wood center console, while a wide touch screen takes care of operating the infotainment system. Rear passengers are treated to a dual pane moonroof which provides an airy element to the GV80’s spacious interior.

Genesis knows the GV80 SUV isn’t out to set any time trial records, but that doesn’t mean drivers don’t want power on tap. Desmond’s GV80 is equipped with the 2.5L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that not only offers a healthy 300 horsepower and 311 lb-ft of torque, but can also achieve up to 25 mpg when clocking those highway miles. The eight-speed automatic takes care of the shifting so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Technology plays a big part in today’s cars, and Genesis saw this as an opportunity to showcase its state of the art manufacturing prowess. Features such as blind spot monitoring and lane keep assist are no surprise these days on a luxury vehicle like the GV80. However, Desmond’s GV80 is equipped with the Prestige Package, which adds some extra goodies, particularly the remote smart parking assist. Find a suitable place to park the GV80 and the smart parking system handles parallel parking and tight garage spaces at just the press of the button.

With warm summer days here, a vacation is top of mind for a lot of people. South Florida is the perfect destination to soak up the sun and put your toes int he sand. Once you’ve arrived, being able to get around town is just as important, so why not do it with style and class behind the wheel of Desmond’s GV80.

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