posted on July 29, 2021

The evolution of Porsche’s rear-engined performance icon

Many sports cars have come and gone, but few performance cars have had a continuous run for over five decades. While other automakers have been known to make radical changes to their models between generations, Porsche holds the distinction of fine tuning each iteration of its famed 911. From the first 1964 short wheelbase car to the current 992 model, the 911’s lineage remains constant. To celebrate such a legacy, let’s take a look at Natalia’s 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S for this July’s car of the month.

Natalia’s 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S (Hollywood, FL)
2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S
3.0L 6443 hp3.0 sec191 mph23 mpg$499
3.0L 6443 hp3.0 sec191 mph23 mpg$499

Just like a highlighter pen, there’s no missing the bright paintwork on Natalia’s Carrera S. The Porsche “Racing Yellow” is accompanied by a carbon fiber TechArt rear wing that not only provides additional downforce, but gives the already muscular 992 a more aggressive presence. When the sun goes down, the 992’s signature rear light bar makes sure you know this is the latest in the long line of Porsche 911 models.

Those familiar with the 911 lineup will know there are a variety of models with different features. Natalia’s 911 is a Carrera S, which is a popular step up from the standard Carrera. Under the rear deck lid sits the classic Porsche flat six engine in 3.0-liter form, but unlike the naturally aspirated cars of yesteryear, a pair of turbochargers join the party. This equates to a more than “spritely” output of 443 Stuttgart-approved horses and 391 lb-ft of torque. To get that power to the rear wheels, the Carrera S is equipped with an eight-speed dual clutch transmission (known as PDK in Porsche speak). With maximum torque available as low as 2,300 RPM, the “C2S” can clock the 60 sprint well under four seconds.

Hop inside the 911 and you’re greeted by a blend of both heritage and the future. The flat dash pays homage to the early days of the 911, but the 992 is a car for this century. Aside from the analog tachometer, the gauge cluster is completely digital, and a 10.9-inch touchscreen in the center of the dash allows the passengers to control the infotainment system. The center console is a no-frills affair, with a few switches for the climate controls, and the stubby shift lever to operate the transmission. The thin rimmed three-spoke steering wheel is a welcome change of pace for a modern car, and feels great to shuffle through your hands while driving. Never overstated, the 911 adds a touch of luxury for its occupants courtesy of black leather upholstered bucket seats.

On the move though is where the Carrera S really shines. Many will argue that the rear engine layout can be a bit of a handful for the uninitiated, but Porsche has spent five decades perfecting the formula. Factor in the multilink rear suspension, wide rear track, and staggered Michelin rubber ready to glue the car to the ground, and the Carrera S is a precision instrument around every corner. Hit the loud pedal and enjoy the flat six wail that can only be found in a 911.

Few cars have stood the test of time like the Porsche 911, and each successive generation continues to evolve into an even more capable sports car. With the latest 992, a bonafide rocket on wheels, you can rest assured it’ll make you smile every time you get behind the wheel. So the next time you find yourself in sunny South Florida, check out Natalia’s 2020 Porsche 911 and make your driving experience one to remember.

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