posted on February 27th, 2017

The February car of the month

TopGear has famously said, “You aren’t a real petrol-head until you own an Alfa”. That isn’t because Alfa Romeo produces the best cars in the world. Rather, they produce flawed gems — cars that look beautiful and stir your soul like no other — while they work.

Image credit: Christian’s Alfa Romeo 4C

The 4C is probably the most important Alfa to come out for the current generation. ‘Junior supercar’, ‘Go-kart on steroids’ are some of the terms used to describe this beauty. It has a four-cylinder, turbocharged engine in the middle, a carbon-fiber chassis, and uses almost no metal in the entire body. It doesn’t even have power steering and the hood is bolted shut. This is because they are designed for one purpose and one purpose alone — to go fast by staying very, very light.

Christian’s Alfa Romeo 4C
Christian’s Alfa Romeo 4C

Due to limited sales, there are rumors that the 4C will be discontinued by 2020. Fortunately, you can find plenty of Alfas on Turo so you can experience the joy of driving one in the hills first-hand. Is this car practical for day-to-day use? Not for the majority of us, no. Would it make an excellent bedroom wall poster and make you scream with delight though? God, yes! And that makes it our car of the month for February.

Pushkar is Turo's Chief Auto Enthusiast and a bonafide, lifelong car guy. He loves a classic Porsche, an Audi R8, but his heart belongs to the Lamborghini Murciélago.