posted on October 6th, 2016

Mercedes lines Tesla up in its crosshairs

The German automaker announced its first all-electric SUV concept car based on the existing GLC crossover platform. With a range of 310 miles, a 2019 release, and a starting price of $39,150, it’s clear Mercedes has no intention of standing idly by while Tesla dominates the electric vehicle market.

Volkswagen finds its “I.D.” after Dieselgate

Perhaps in an effort to distance themselves as much as possible from their recent emissions scandal, Volkswagen is also doubling down on its electric vehicle program. The “I.D.” concept car is the ambassador of Volkswagen’s future electric car lineup. Offering a range of up to 370 miles and targeting a starting price similar to the VW Golf, the I.D. may be exactly what VW needs to earn its way back into the hearts of consumers after Dieselgate.


Infiniti shows off variable compression engine design

Infiniti debuted its latest turbocharged engine design which uses a brilliant system to vary the compression of the motor on demand. Without devolving into exceedingly nerdy jargon, it basically gives the engine the flexibility to provide the power of a high-performance turbocharged gasoline engine, and the fuel efficiency of a diesel. All without the noise, vibration, or emissions of a diesel engine.

Honda enters hot hatch brawl with 2018 Civic Type R

Hot hatches are enjoying a well deserved renaissance in the US market. The plucky little things offer the fuel-efficiency and versatility to be an everyday family car, but make you feel like Ken Block once you’ve dropped the kids off at school. The Type R will hit the market in 2018, sporting wild styling and north of 300 horsepower to back it up.


Renault Trezor

The Trezor is a good, old-fashioned concept car with little to no chance of ever seeing production. Which means the design team gets free reign to do what they like without the frustrating tethers of safety or engineering requirements. A long, low-slung coupe with a single-piece, canopy style door and a sultry red interior, the Trezor is a nice reminder that electric powertrains and avant garde style aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.


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