posted on December 7th, 2016

When the weather outside is frightful — i.e. anytime shorts are not advised — it can seem like an extra hurdle to get into the car and everywhere else you need to go. But if you’re properly prepared, winter can be a delightful time to turn the heat up, bump the tunes, and enjoy the fuzz out of some cozy car accessories. With that in mind, here’s our gift guide to the best accessories that let auto-enthusiasts, perpetual passengers, fancy fashionistas, and trekking travelers make a toasty cabin out of any car.


For the luxurious traveler:

So plush, so comfy, so deluxe. These faux sheepskin seat covers will have your most luxurious loved ones coveting their commute.

Shop these faux sheepskin seat covers.

A life of luxury calls for plentiful amenities. These adorable car caddies are just the right size for an indulgent driver’s lip balm, hand cream, and essential oils.

Shop this car caddy

For the accessory aficionado:

This cute vintage hula dancer is the perfect gift for someone who likes to make a quirky statement with their accessories. Mele Kalikimaka!

Shop this vintage dashboard hula dancer.


Thingamabobs? They’ve got twenty. For your friend that has baubles and bangles galore — fuzzy keychains are all the rage right now. Not only is this gift on-trend, it’s useful! It’s definitely harder to lose your keys when there is a ginormous fluff-ball attached to them.

Shop this fuzzy keychain.

For the adventurer and their loyal companion:

Your friend or family member never leaves the house without their trusty companion, even if it means the car will be a disaster after their snowy hike together. This waterproof pet seat hammock will show them and their furry friend that you really care.

Shop this waterproof pet seat cover.

Help your adventurous loved one become even more unstoppable with a travel tool kit for every mechanical mishap.

Shop this travel tool kit.


For the dude who drives a lot:

Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon on a cold winter day? This bacon-scented air freshener will give your dude the gift that keeps on smelling. (For a couple months at least.)

Shop this bacon air freshener.

For the guy who loves gadgets — this smart driving assistant plugs right into the car’s diagnostic port and tells you why your check engine light is on. It also gives gas-saving tips based on your driving data.

Shop this Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

For the flashy friend:

These interior LED lights turn an average car ride into a nightclub on wheels. Thanks to you, your flashy friend or family member’s excursions are gonna be so lit!  

Shop this LED car interior lighting kit


This jewel-encrusted license plate frame will let anyone driving behind your flashy friend know that there is a fabulous diva in their midst.

Shop this license plate frame


For the distinguished driver:

Nothing says chic like a pair of gloves. For the driver well aware that getting into the car is an event, driving gloves not only provide grip and warmth, but a little retro flair and a taste of Ryan Gosling in Drive — plus they look classy on ladies, too.

Shop Autodromo or Riparo Motorsports.


The driving loafer was invented to be sure-footed in the car. Studded with small rubber nubs on the bottom, they offer all of the cozy comfort and convenience of a flip-flop to those who wouldn’t be caught dead unseasonably exposing their toes. Plus they come in all manner of luxurious leathers and suedes to match the style of your distinguished driver.

Shop Car Shoe or Minnetonka.

For the perpetual passenger:

You know the type that prefers to ride. For them, capes and ponchos are the best way to ensure that there is a toasty cabin-feel any time the engine starts. With all of the warmth of a blanket, without the hassle of emerging from its protection, capes and ponchos are ready for both the journey and the destination.

Shop Patagonia, Madewell or Etsy.

When it’s frosty outside, the best remedy is a hot beverage, but it’s only cozy if your beverage stays hot and is easy to take with you. The perpetual passenger will appreciate a well-made travel mug that insulates for long periods of time, and even fits underneath their coffeemaker.

Shop Hydro Flask or Thermos.


For the racing aficionado:

Everyone wants to look like their heroes. Whether your racing aficionado admires a tough, utility biker look or a flashy, official pit crew style, the jacket is what makes the transformation complete. And it keeps the nasty weather out.

Shop NASCAR or Iron and Resin.

For the all-weather motorist:

Winter doesn’t stop all-weather motorists from getting far out into nature and tackling mountains, caves, waterfalls, whatever. While the car’s warming up and when the boots come off, they’ll be glad to have been kept warm and dry head to toe with socks and hats made to adventure hard.

Shop Darn Tough or Stance for socks and L.L. Bean or Outdoor Research for hats.


Andi Ferraud is a Content Specialist at Turo. She’s a quirky writer with an eye for design. She loves sharks, spontaneous adventures, and horror movies.