posted on July 7th, 2017

A California gearhead’s classic Mustang fleet

After the Ford Mustang launched in 1964, the world was never the same. The Mustang was an instant icon for its style, affordability, and energy. The original pony car spawned many imitators but few truly worthy competitors. I would argue that it is the defining American automobile of the twentieth century.

The most sought-after and fawned-over Mustangs were of the first generation, built from 1965 (’64½) to 1966. They are highly collectible and joyful little machines that positively radiate character. And it just so happens that, thanks to David A. of Classic Mustang Rentals, you can drive a first-generation Mustang yourself.

David is a lifelong auto enthusiast and likes to race sports cars when he can. He’s a big Porsche fan, but he loves sharing the Mustangs. “It’s just so iconic,” he said. “It’s photogenic from every angle and you never get tired of looking at it.” It’s true that you don’t have to be into cars at all to appreciate the grace and attitude of the Mustang’s timeless looks.

David has been running Classic Mustang Rentals for over four years now, and has collected an extremely enviable stable of beautiful American ponies. They are located in Costa Mesa in Southern California, but the ‘stangs come from all over the country. David has eight classic Mustangs you can rent here on Turo, all shining symbols of the defiant American spirit.

David’s business partner Gary has been in the car business for over 30 years and is the kind of gearhead who “knows cars by their serial numbers and that sort of thing.” He has a particular affinity for classics and it’s safe to assume he knows his way around a garage. After some light restoration, all of their cars are in excellent condition — they’re 50 years old, but their history makes them that much more special.

Each of David’s Mustangs available here on Turo has its own story and personality. Many even have names. Sunshine here is a 1965 convertible with original yellow paint and patina. She sports a V8 and lime gold interior, and how can you not love those bladed wire wheels?

Reno is a beautiful ‘66 convertible GT that, yes, originally hails from Reno, Nevada. It has that classic Mustang red exterior with white stripes and is David’s personal favorite. Hard to blame him.

Andre is a real bruiser of a ‘65 fastback and one of two Shelby GT350 tributes available to rent from David. This bad boy is unrestored, unapologetic, and packs a mean punch. The flared side scoops, irresistible Shelby color scheme, and those lovely bumper-integrated exhaust tips make this one a hero.

David got this little beauty from some wonderfully caring North Carolina owners who wrote a heartfelt note telling David to take care of their East Coast gal. East Coast Gal is a ‘65 convertible with a straight 6 and a winning attitude. She’s perfect for a cruise down by the beach and won’t let you down.

The one problem with the Mustangs, as one guest pointed out in his review, is that you have to leave 10 minutes early no matter where you go, because people love talking to you about the car. “It’s a whole experience,” says David. “It’s such a positive and universal thing that it opens all kinds of communication doors. Everyone loves it.”

All of the cars in the Classic Mustang Rental catalogue have automatic transmissions, so there’s no need to be hesitant because you’re worried about burning up the clutch of a valuable vintage. Of course, these are old cars and great care should be taken while you’re in charge of one of David’s Mustangs. But they’re meant to be enjoyed, they’re meant to be ogled, and they’re meant to be shared. If you’re in Southern California, try your hand at one of these dream machines and see if you don’t turn into a little kid when you do.

Steven is an avid car guy and content maker at Turo. Between Golden State Warriors games he can be found getting lost somewhere in California.