posted on March 10th, 2017

South By Southwest started in the late ‘80s as a raucous music festival that took over Austin every March. It’s since grown into a conference that maintains entertainment and interactive technologies at its heart, but has expanded to include a well-known film festival, plus performers and speakers on everything, from food and comedy to video technology employed by NASA. This year also brings a number of sessions dedicated to discussion of the future of transportation and autonomous vehicles. So whether you’re at SXSW for the hot up-and-coming artists, the gaming demos, or the celebrity sightings, consider one of these cars to get you around Austin.

Thomas’ Jeep Wrangler 2014

This Jeep is the social adventurer, whose only plan is no plan. Whether he manages to befriend his favorite band and needs to haul them to the drive-through at 3 am or decides one morning to go to the river to chill out, this Jeep is a versatile fun machine that will power through the day or the night.

Austin, TX

Alexander’s Mazda MX-5 Miata 2012

This Miata is an all-around crowd pleaser. He’s easy going, quick with the jokes, and finds himself leaving every room with stacks of business cards. With a speedy lifestyle and friends who can hook him up with anything from ice cream to VR goggles — what’s not to love?

Austin, TX

Leon’s Tesla Model S 2014

The Model S is a classy professional, who works seriously hard, but still loves to play with toys. As far as safety and mileage go, she’s responsible as all hell, but is not afraid to let loose on the highway and always has a few tricks up her sleeve. She does have to rest up and recharge every 250 miles or so, but that doesn’t stop her from going all out in between.

Austin, TX

Isaac’s BMW Z4 M 2008

This BMW is the purist who believes there’s only enough time in this life for the crème de la crème. When it comes to driving, he strongly believes getting behind the wheel should require precision and effort. With an M3 engine in a sharkish Z4 form, this car scoots in and out of parking spaces or straight out into the country to roar up and down hills — combining the best of all worlds.

Austin, TX

Jeremy’s Dodge Challenger 2015

This Challenger enjoys being the punk in the leather jacket. She wears her shades inside, and is offended every single time she has to go outside to smoke a cigarette. Though she might not want to admit it, she’s grown out of crashing on friends’ floors after a show and using glue as a hair product. So while she still rocks the ripped tights look and shreds a guitar like no other, she might actually make it to a noon event.

Austin, TX

Alexander’s Toyota 4Runner 2015

This 4Runner always stands out in a crowd. He knows that it can be emotionally trying to be surrounded by people who have the all the same skills, interests, glasses, and stylish yet functional backpack as you do. So he’ll wear bright colors merely as a conversation starter, keeps an impressive repertoire of Kanye karaoke hits at the ready, and if all else fails, has no problem streaking across the lobby.

Austin, TX

Ali’s Porsche Cayman 2008

This Cayman is a discerning gentlewoman. In her daily life, she sticks to strict regimens for work, eating, and exercise. And she would never barge into the grocery store and beeline to the boxed wine aisle. Not unless she’s on a trip. In which case you’ll find her barreling around in her finest sunhat, chatting up strangers all around town.

Austin, TX

Timothy’s Tesla X 2016

The Model X is the grown-up version of the kid in a superhero cape — except she actually has all of the power to perform super feats, like 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, while carrying a car-load of people. This car thrives on being different from all the rest, and comes with smart gull wings, Autopilot, the awe-inspiring panoramic roof, and a host of special features that make coming to any kind of rescue — personal, professional, or otherwise — really, really fun. She even has a cult following, which everyone knows is what really makes a modern day hero.

Austin, TX

James Daniel’s Ford F-150 2014

What’s a trip to Texas without a truck? This classic, American rig played football for most of his life, which is why he’s still so huge. These days, he loves to pack his crew cab with back-up singers or a camera crew, and fill the truck-bed with all of his gear. But this week, he’s thinking he’ll invite someone to lie back, gaze up at the universe, and make his next big move: a South By romance.

Austin, TX

Kamala Puligandla is a writer and an editorial assistant at Turo. She is always on the hunt for a strange story, a great snack, and the perfect outdoor spot to consume them.