posted on September 14, 2020

Get your claims & protection questions answered

A couple weeks ago, Turo CEO Andre Haddad hosted a live webinar for the Turo host community where he discussed recent business performance, and rapped with senior leaders from the Turo team about all things protection- and claims-related. 

From fielding questions around the recently launched protection plans and additional distance policy changes, to doing an in-depth review of the claims process, as well as previewing upcoming improvements to the hosting experience on the near-term roadmap, the session covered a lot of ground in a single hour.

Get your claims and protection questions answered by watching this hour-long webinar recording and, as always, keep that feedback coming!

This webinar was the latest installment of “Turo Live”, a webinar series to update, educate, and collaborate with the Turo hosting community. Stay tuned for future sessions to be announced through the end of the year.