posted on April 18, 2019

Last Sunday, a group of hosts joined the Turo Canada team to tackle the 1,776 steps of the Toronto CN Tower as part of the World Wildlife Foundation’s (WWF) Climb It For Change event. The team drummed up some sweat, smiles, and $1,670 in donations for the WWF’s nature and wildlife conservation work. Toronto host Gabriel T. even volunteered to donate an additional 10% of his earnings from Turo to the WWF!

Through this event, the WWF was able to raise more than $1.5 million to prevent the degradation of natural environments, and build a future where wildlife, nature, and humans can thrive together. The team in Toronto was very proud to take part, and are already training to climb again next year!

Stepping up

Host Gabriel T. was part of Turo’s climbing team and has also gone the extra mile, and has pledged 10% of his earnings from Turo during the month of April to the WWF. Gabriel says he’s always wanted to climb the tower — he’s active and runs a lot, plays basketball, practices yoga, so the climb itself was a fun challenge. “Did I mention the view up top?” he adds.

It was also a great chance for him to meet other hosts and give back to the planet. When it came to donating some of his earnings, Gabriel didn’t have any hesitation. “Turo has become a big source of my income and donating part of that makes me feel great. Sharing is caring.”

Honing his hosting

Gabriel got started as a host on Turo in May of 2018 when he was an unemployed student and looking for a way to cover the bills, especially the cost of his car. “I had heard about Turo in the US from some guy on a car forum. He was boasting about how he managed to pay off his car through Turo and I always wished there was something in Canada that could offer the same opportunity.”

When Gabriel discovered Turo in Canada, he immediately dove into making it his business. Originally he started off on his own, but reached out to the Turo Canada team, who invited him to some host events, and when Gabriel did finally meet other experienced hosts, he learned a lot. “It’s really interesting to see what other people are doing, running advertisements on their pages, and using management teams, just how everyone makes it work,” Gabriel says.

His advice to new hosts: “Anybody new to Turo should reach out to me or any other great hosts and ask questions they may have. The team is so supportive. The whole process is really safe and all the guests who have borrowed my car have been some really awesome people! I am so happy to be a part of this community.”

Electric dreams

Protecting the environment is also important to Gabriel. He’s always been interested in electric vehicles, but until recently they’ve been a little impractical and out of his price range. “I really like all Teslas but especially the new Model Y. I believe in Tesla’s overall mission and think the car looks really cool!” With newer models that have a greater range, government incentives for going electric, and the more affordable Tesla models being released, Gabriel hopes to see one on his horizon. “It’s a good movement away from all the combustion vehicles,” he says.

Now that Gabriel and the Turo Canada team have successfully completed one Climb It For Change challenge, they’re already getting ready for next year to make an even bigger impact.

Yamin is the Community Associate in Turo's Toronto office.