posted on May 10th, 2017

Shortly after hosting Superbowl XI earlier this year, the Houston market also hosted its 10,000th Turo trip. Houston has been on the up-and-up ever since, with this month pacing to be the market’s biggest month ever. What better time to get together for the city’s first community party? To get you psyched for tomorrow’s event, we took a deep dive into the market’s data to help you understand what makes Houston do-si-do all year round.

Cindy’s Volkswagen Tiguan

What do travelers want?  

With thousands of cars to choose from in the area, it’s not surprising that most travelers in Houston seek to refine their search. 57% of the market’s searches in the last year have fine-tuned their results with sorting and filters. A sort by price is the most popular, used in 13% of all Houston’s searches. The majority of searches, however, are more interested in renting a particular type of car. Together, the filters for category, type, and make are used in over a third of searches without any pricing parameters.

Mark’s Honda Accord Hybrid

Most folks are looking for a flashy sedan. Popular categories like “Upscale” and “Fast and fun” are used twice as often as the more utilitarian categories like “Everyday drivers” and “Backroads-ready”. BMW and Mercedes-Benz are among the most-searched makes nationally, as well as in the Houston market. In true Texas fashion, Chevrolet makes the ranks as the third most searched make in the area.

Dustin’s Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Which cars get booked most?

Sedans are particularly popular in Houston, fulfilling 82% of trips in the last year. A little less than half of the trips booked are in the standard “Everyday drivers” category. Toyota, Honda, and Nissan are the most often booked makes in the market. Although these makes are not among the most sought-after, they get booked twice as much as any of the other makes except one: Chevy. Chevrolets are among both the most searched and most booked makes for the Houston market.

Simon’s Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Clutch City seasonality & trip types

Similar to Turo’s national trend, the winter holiday months are a peak season for the market. Come January, things slow down and gradually build back up again throughout the Spring, reaching its peak in May and the warm early summer months.

The average trip length is 5.44 days — higher than many other markets. These longer trips prove to be extra clutch during the slower months when the average trip lasts longer than the busier months.

Solomon’s Toyota Camry

It ain’t their first rodeo

These owners have risen to the top of the ranks as our most active and established hosts.

1. From Kia to Porsche and just about everything in between, Ayan has been building out a diverse fleet of cars for almost two years now. With 589 trips and counting, he has hosted nearly twice as many trips as most of the market’s most active hosts. 

2. Retired school teacher and Marine Corps veteran, Charles, has been serving the Turo community for two years now with a 100% response rate and one of the fastest response times among his peers. 329 trips and counting, his guests (many of them repeat customers) rave about Charles as a five-star host.

3. Repping the Outer Loop in Katy, Taly has 324 trips under his belt since joining the community just over two years ago. Frequently hosting longer duration trips, he takes home more earnings than most hosts without having to hand over the keys as often.

4. Taking advantage of the strong demand for luxury wheels in Houston, Christopher has a diverse fleet of upscale models all priced under $55 to also offer value to travelers looking for the finer things. 

5. Madhu and her husband have hosted over 200 trips so far with their two Corollas and Nissan Versa. Their prime downtown location works to their advantage but they also appeal to travelers by offering a $40 delivery to both local airports or anywhere else within 25 miles.

Madhu’s Toyota Corolla

Rising stars

Hosting their first trips within the last year, these rookie hosts have already started to make a name for themselves in our community and deserve an honorable mention.

1. Since hosting his first trip in June of last year, Tarif has hosted a whopping 327 trips — one of the most active hosts this year. When he’s not running his business, he’s a poet and author.

2. Oscar first listed his Elantra in October of last year and has since added an additional two cars to his fleet to host over 200 trips.

3. Want a little bit of everything? Come to Papa! Papa Zack owns the Original Napoli restaurants around town so delighting customers is his specialty. He’s got everything from daily driver bargains to trucks, classics, and elite show stoppers.

Papa’s Mercedes-Benz G Class

See y’all tomorrow?

We’ve only just scraped the surface of Turo’s Houston market here and look forward to meeting our community tomorrow to explore even more. If you haven’t had the chance to register yet, be sure to do so while there’s still space available!

Chris is the Community Manager at Turo. He’s a proud father to three rescue dogs and has become immune to jet lag in all his travels (or maybe it’s just the coffee).