posted on November 10, 2017

Tesla times two

From a 2008 Pontiac to both a Tesla Model S and Model X, Chad and Min Hurin are living an car enthusiast’s Cinderella story. Two years ago, the couple moved from North Carolina to San Diego in a Pontiac. Today, the Pontiac shares the driveway of their North Park home with a Tesla Model S and Model X.

Both in their late twenties, the pair never expected to afford a $90,000 car. But Chad, a self-proclaimed “big geek” with a keen interest in AI, spent months researching Tesla and putting together a slide deck to convince his wife that the purchase made financial sense.

The slide deck’s linchpin was the prospective income generated from listing the Model S on Turo. Min, however, was just returning from a seven-month deployment in the Navy when Chad pitched the idea.

Having been cut off from the media, she had no idea who Elon Musk, the brains behind Tesla, was, or what his cars did. Living in a 500-square-foot home at the time with mostly thrift-shopped belongings, she vetoed the idea off the bat.

Eventually, though, she decided, “What the heck? We’re young! We can try it, and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.”

Luckily, that wasn’t the case. The Model S quickly brought in income well over the monthly car payments. Now a huge Elon Musk fan, Min started to think about buying her own Tesla. The second time around, the couple sprung for the Model X, complete with falcon wing doors and luxury leather interior.

Chad’s Tesla Model X

To generate additional interest in the cars, Chad and Min have two sets of business cards: one with information about booking their Teslas on Turo, and one with a referral code for guests who are interested in buying their own. They were recently featured in Business Insider, and Min runs an Instagram for their Teslas, with plenty of pictures supplied by the trips the Hurins and their guests take.

The first day they brought the Model S home, Chad and Min took a 1,000-mile-plus road trip to Las Vegas and Zion National Park, planning stops around supercharging stations. Guests often take the Teslas to Palm Springs or LA, while others use the Model X for weddings.

Chad’s Tesla Model S

Their guests often share Chad and Min’s enthusiasm for Tesla technology, and Chad still exchanges text messages with some of the more committed Tesla-lovers. One of the couple’s favorite repeat guests is a 12-year-old boy who does chores to earn money from his parents to book the Tesla (don’t worry, his dad drives).

On days the Teslas aren’t booked, Chad and Min both take them to work, Min for her six-mile commute to the naval base, and Chad to his software development job. Chad’s office is just about a mile away — but can you blame him for wanting to cruise in the Tesla?

Because of the referrals they’ve generated for Tesla, the two get VIP treatment from the company, including multiple invitations to see Elon Musk speak, special-edition power walls, and exclusive access to pre-order upcoming models. The couple plans to stay on the Tesla hype: as of late they’ve added a pair of Model 3s to their lineup, both of which are listed on Turo.

This post was updated on December 11, 2019.

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