posted on April 19th, 2018

Two glorious years

Can you believe that today marks Turo’s second anniversary in Canada? On some days, it feels like we just launched yesterday, while on others it’s hard to imagine a time before Turo’s existence in the Great White North.

In just two years, we transformed a US-only marketplace into a truly international company: we spared no effort in bringing peer-to-peer car sharing to Canada and providing Canadians with the Turo experience they deserved. Today, our vibrant Canadian community consists of 350,000 people, setting Turo apart in the crowded and increasingly competitive world of car sharing and traditional car rental. I couldn’t be more proud of the value that Turo has created for the 10,000 Canadian hosts who listed their cars on our platform, the memorable adventures they fuelled, and the relationships they formed along the way.

I am thrilled to say this is only the beginning: much remains to be done to put Turo in the hands of all Canadians and let them reap the benefits of peer-to-peer car sharing. As we celebrate the second anniversary of our launch, I can confidently say that Canada is now an integral part of the Turo DNA and that we’re as committed as ever to growing and addressing the specific needs of our Canadian community.

To reflect on these past two years, we’ve compiled a few exciting milestones to showcase Turo’s growth and advancement in Canada in such a short amount of time. We hope this will get you as excited as I am about Turo’s future in Canada and convince you to tag along on our unstoppable journey of reshaping car sharing, car rental, and car ownership at large.



Cedric is the director for Turo in Canada. When he's not busy exploring the country, you'll find him in Toronto looking for the best restaurant or latest art exhibition in the city.