posted on May 16th, 2018

Holistic vacations are the future

Even though “the sharing economy” is a fairly new concept, Phoenix host Steve S. has been doing it for years. He has driven for Uber, runs vacation rentals on Airbnb, and has all three Tesla models listed here on Turo. As a Tesla evangelist and sharing economy veteran, Steve is one of our many hosts embracing the future of travel, and he is thriving for it.

Steve “was never that into cars,” but he was drawn to the Tesla Model S when it launched because it had a unique story and was different from anything else on the road. So he bought a Model S P85, but he needed a way to cover the cost of the luxury sedan. He started driving for Uber, using his new Tesla. Imagine calling an Uber and seeing a Tesla pull up to the curb!

Not only did Steve drive the hot new EV, he was on the forefront of ride sharing — in September 2014 Steve gave the very first Uber ride in Flagstaff, Arizona, with his Tesla.

Tesla pioneer

Steve’s Tesla Model S (Scottsdale, AZ)

In the summer of 2015, Steve embarked on a 48-state tour of the US in his Tesla Model S. During his four-and-a-half-month journey, he traveled over 27,000 miles, used 200 Tesla supercharging stations, and met countless inspiring people. He says there were about one third as many supercharging stations back then, so it was still a bit of a logistical challenge. For the entire trip, Steve paid only $8.37 for electricity, and his Model S gave him no problems whatsoever.

In a Medium post that went viral, Steve detailed his (unofficially) record-setting road trip, his experience owning a high-mileage Tesla, and his subsequent forays into car sharing. He began hosting with Turo soon after his cross-country adventure, and his Model S has seen over 100 successful trips to date.

Keen-eyed readers might notice that his 2012 Model S has the front grill from the newer models. Steve opted to install the new front fascia when the car was in the body shop, keeping the six-year-old car looking clean and sharp. As soon as Turo hosting picked up for him, Steve bought a Tesla Model X, a silver 90D with just about all the fixins.

Sharing Teslas on Turo is its own unique experience — most everyone who drives a Tesla for the first time is blown away by every aspect of the car. Encouraged by the reception of his Teslas among his guests, Steve ordered the Model 3. To Steve, his brand-new Model 3 is “by far the best Tesla for city driving because it’s small and nimble and easy to maneuver when parking.” It was booked the very same weekend Steve took delivery of the car.

Steve’s Tesla Model X (Scottsdale, AZ)
Steve’s Tesla Model 3 (Scottsdale, AZ)

The whole kit and caboodle

Today, Steve owns five cabins in Flagstaff, which he manages as vacation rentals on Airbnb. His properties are ideally located right in the heart of the beautiful Northern Arizona forest, just 20 miles from the iconic mesas of Sedona. A couple of his cabins are equipped with Tesla charging docks, which are also available on Plugshare, an electric vehicle charger sharing service.

Booking a Tesla on Turo for a couple days is the absolute best way to test drive the electric vehicle lifestyle, but for the people who do this, finding a place to plug in overnight can be a challenge. For Steve’s Airbnb guests, this is a non-issue. With his triple-threat setup, many of Steve’s guests are able to rent one of his cabins, drive one of his Teslas, and charge the car right in the garage overnight — just as most Tesla owners do.

Steve’s Model X at one of his Flagstaff cabins, with charger in the background

Guests can experience the convenient reality of actual Tesla ownership, and Steve has total control to ensure excellent service in all aspects of the idyllic Arizona experiences he provides. By meshing different sharing economy services, Steve has created a flexible, modern business ecosystem that gives travellers a phenomenally tailor-made and convenient holiday.

If you’re thinking about testing out a Tesla, visiting the Southwest, or just want to hear some great stories from an interesting guy, Steve is your man. He’s an expert on all things Tesla, sharing economy, and Arizona, and so whatever you’re looking for in your next adventure, he’s got you covered.

Steven is an avid car guy and content specialist at Turo. Between Golden State Warriors games he can be found getting lost somewhere in California.