posted on February 16th, 2017


Navarro J. discovered Turo when, as a frequent traveler, he became fed up with the limited selection of cars available for rent. Not only were the standard rental offerings boring to this car enthusiast, but if there was ever something special, it was “very, very expensive” to rent. To his delight, Navarro found that Turo offers a wide selection of exciting machines ready to be rented.

Navarro has been a car guy since he was young, with his interests evolving as his passion grew. His initial eye for American pony cars has given way to more sophisticated tastes, and today Navarro is a bonafide Porsche enthusiast. He grew up hearing about Porsches, but driving and owning them has only recently become attainable. He is a firm believer that “you don’t really drive a sports car until you get into a Porsche.”

To share the superb Porsche driving experience, Navarro listed his 2010 Cayman to great success. By encouraging Los Angeles renters to test his car’s abilities, Navarro helped facilitate numerous adventures and unforgettable driving experiences. One renter was so impressed, that after a second time renting Navarro’s Porsche, he went and bought a Cayman of his own, with nearly identical options down to the stickers. Navarro notes the satisfaction of helping others realize their passion, and continues this mission today with his new cars.

Navarro’s 718 Porsche Cayman (Los Angeles, CA)

When ordering his brand new 2017 Cayman, Navarro relished the experience of customizing the coupe to his preferred specs. His previous Porsche was bought pre-owned, so he loved optioning out the new 718 Cayman to satisfy his deepest desires, “which is half the fun, anyway,” he reflects. This time he opted for a graphite blue (a newly released color for Porsche) coupe with 20 inch rims, sport seats, and a sport steering wheel. To make his Cayman user friendly for renters, Navarro included Apple CarPlay and Porsche’s automatic PDK transmission.

2017 Porsche Cayman cockpit (Los Angeles, CA)

After eagerly waiting four months for delivery, Navarro says the first time he drove the new 718 Cayman blew him away. “It exceeded all my expectations in terms of driving dynamic. It handles so, so well; it’s so analog even in this digital age. There’s so much grip. You have to be a phenomenal driver to be able to drive this thing to its limit.”

Navarro sees this generation’s Cayman as an improvement over the last in every area. He raves about its precision and poise, and especially praises the feedback of the oft-maligned electric power steering. In 2012, Porsche ditched hydraulic power steering in favor of a more efficient electromechanical system, to the dismay of Porsche purists everywhere. Navarro reckons his 2017 Cayman’s electric steering matches the old system for feel and texture — high praise indeed.

He was also won over by the new engine: a turbocharged 2.0L flat-4 that replaced Porsche’s venerable flat-6, a change that also drew ire from the enthusiast community. He is happy to report the Cayman remains a car that begs to be chucked around corners, with 300 happily-revving German horses leading the way.

Navarro’s 2017 Porsche Macan GTS (Los Angeles, CA)

To supplement his 718 Cayman, Navarro also offers his 2017 Macan GTS, which he calls “the 911 of SUVs.” The GTS version of the Macan, new for 2017, boasts a stout 360 hp twin-turbo V6, plenty of trunk space, and lots of red paint. You can book Navarro’s Porsche Macan here.

Navarro actively encourages renters to take his cars to the canyons around Los Angeles to fully unlock their capabilities. “We have access to some of the best roads in the world”, he says. “That’s the whole point. I just really want people to enjoy it.”

Steven is an avid car guy and content maker at Turo. Between Golden State Warriors games he can be found getting lost somewhere in California.