posted on March 29th, 2016

We’re pretty much always daydreaming about hitting the road — especially when the road navigates you around a tropical paradise. Turo traveler and Director of Data Science and Analytics Jérôme S. recently took off on a last-minute getaway to Maui for some kitesurfing, camping, and exploring for our latest travelogue.


Directly after getting off the plane, he made a beeline for famous “Kite Beach”, where kites pepper the sky like colorful, low-flying birds.

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After an unsuccessful last-minute search for hotels and Airbnbs, they decided to swap the hurried search for an overpriced room for beachfront camping, using to help them pinch hit their accommodations.

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From the twists and turns of the famed road to Hana to a local artist’s gallery and all the way up above the clouds to the Haleakala summit, they explored the lush island from end to end in Michael’s Ford F-150.



All the while leaving us green with envy and jonesing for an outdoorsy tropical retreat of our own.

Megan is the copywriter and content tsarina at Turo. She lives to wander near and far, never met a beach (or dog) she didn’t like, and loves to talk postmodern lit and theory to anyone who’ll listen.