posted on April 11, 2019

It’s time to shine

Hosts are at the heart of the Turo experience, sharing their cars, their time, and their passion to provide unforgettable adventures for travelers from around the world. That’s why today, we are thrilled to announce the All-Star Host program, which recognizes and rewards the highest-rated and most experienced hosts on Turo.

All-Star Hosts consistently provide excellent experiences for their guests, often going above and beyond the call of hosting duties. For their outstanding performance, All-Star Hosts enjoy exclusive perks and increased visibility on the platform so they stand out to guests.

All-Star perks

A special badge highlights All-Star Hosts throughout the marketplace so guests can easily find and identify top hosts. The badge is displayed prominently on listings and profile pages and also marks All-Star Hosts’ listings in search results. Plus, guests looking for hosts with five-star track records can filter their searches for All-Star Hosts.

In addition to this heightened visibility and increased demand from guests, All-Star Hosts’ questions get prioritized when they contact Customer Support through the Help Center.

Additionally, the Turo team occasionally assists guests with finding and booking available vehicles, and All-Star Hosts will be among the first hosts we call. As an added bonus, they’ll also get $100 of travel credit each year as an All-Star Host!

Who qualifies?

All hosts in good standing are eligible to become All-Star Hosts, as long as they meet the performance benchmarks outlined below. Every three months, we’ll take a look at each host’s performance stats over the past year. If they meet every benchmark, they’ll be rewarded with All-Star Host status until the next evaluation.

To qualify for the All-Star Host program, hosts must have a 90% five-star trip rate, 95% commitment rate, 90% acceptance rate, 95% response rate, and must have completed 10 or more trips in the last year. Remember that we’ll evaluate host performance every three months, so if you don’t qualify initially, you’ll have a chance to earn that badge the next time around.

All-Star Host benchmarks

Check the Performance tab of your Host Hub to see how your metrics stack up against the All-Star Host benchmarks.

We’re excited and very proud to elevate our most outstanding hosts with the recognition they deserve. With their experience, reliability, and dedication, All-Star Hosts will continue to take the Turo experience to new heights.