posted on March 26th, 2018

Full throttle

Earlier this month, a dozen members of the Turo community joined professional driving instructor and Turo enthusiast Marie-Laurence Paquin at the Sanair Circuit in Ste-Pie, Quebec for an educational and adrenaline-filled day of spirited driving (in a safe and controlled environment, of course!)

Participants began their day in a classroom environment, where Marie-Laurence imparted some of her extensive knowledge of performance driving to attendees. Amongst topics covered were vehicle weight transfer, advanced braking theory, as well as skid recovery and obstacle avoidance.

Participants were then given the opportunity to put their freshly acquired knowledge to use on the track. Drivers practiced advanced driving techniques; including slaloms, high speed obstacle avoidance and emergency braking. The “track” portion of the day provided attendees with a unique opportunity to test the limits of their vehicles all while allowing them to develop quick reflexes, keep their emotions in check, and learn how to react in emergency situations.

We remind anyone opting to travel by road during winter months to be extra careful when driving in adverse weather conditions. Guests may take additional precautions by selecting vehicles especially equipped with snow tires. Drivers looking to expand their knowledge of advanced vehicle handling techniques and gain additional piece of mind can learn more about Marie-Laurence Paquin’s winter driving training course here. And just a reminder that cars booked on Turo cannot be driven on a track.