posted on October 16th, 2015

After first using Turo rent a car to get him to his gig in August, traveling saxophonist Korey Riker says he’ll never look back.

Especially not since he’s seen the vehicle selection that will allow him to live out his sports car fantasies without having to buy a second car.

How to avoid owning a second vehicle

Korey sees Turo as an excellent alternative to owning a second car, something that he suspects has saved him $50,000, “since I won’t be running out and buying a 2013 Porsche Boxster just yet!”

“In Philadelphia, my girlfriend and I share a car,” he explains. “She uses the car during the week for work. Sometimes I have somewhere I need to be and that’s where Turo comes into play. We used to have a second car but it wasn’t used much and parking is difficult in our neighborhood… With Turo, I’m able to afford the experience of driving a premium car and get a true test drive experience. I’d say I’m greatly beating the cost of yearly insurance, maintenance, and depreciation on a second car by using Turo. I imagine a lot of owners are also profiting from owning their vehicles. I’m tempted to have a second car available for Turo use!”

Scoring cars ideal for a traveling musician

Korey currently tours with John Legend & Melody Gardot, and has previously worked with The Roots, Queen Latifah, and Elvis Costello, among others. His first album, Prehumous, was released in 2010, and his second album, Recognizance, was released on September 18.

Turo offers him a great way to get the sports cars he wants to boost his musicians’ prestige for his gigs, without paying too much.

“My first trip was great. I rolled up to a recording session in Delaware with the BMW 550i and the other guys thought I was balling! I mean, I was for the day. I definitely got their attention.”

Since then, he’s rented a 2007 BMW 550i and a 2013 Porsche Boxster. Other cars he’s looking forward to renting include the Porsche Cayman & 911, Alfa Romeo 4C, Tesla Model S, BMW M Series, 2016 Mazda Miata, Honda S2000, and Subaru BRZ.

His latest adventure

Korey now looks for excuses to use Turo whenever possible. In fact, he just completed a trip to Santa Cruz, CA in a sports car rental. “I rented a 2013 Porsche Boxster in San Francisco. I stayed in my hometown of Half Moon Bay and made a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway to visit my Grandma in Santa Cruz.”

For this particular trip, he mixed business with pleasure. “I played Fogfest in Pacifica with Sal’s Greenhouse and at The Herbst Theater with Melody Gardot. The Porsche was conveniently located next to where I was staying/performing in SF.”

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