posted on July 6, 2015

Ryan Ditch, a self-spun “mover and shaker” DJ who goes by RION, has been able to ditch his car since joining the ranks of Turo renters. A friend of Ryan’s recommended Turo to him. Though he has always wanted to try it out, he hadn’t made the move yet until February of this year. He’s glad he did.


Hooked after the first rental

After hearing about Turo, Ryan “started to research and noticed it was much cheaper and more convenient with the curbside pick up at airports.”

Following his successful first car rental from LAX airport, Ryan was hooked. He says, “I flew into LAX and rented a brand new Mercedes from a gentlemen who had never used Turo so it was fun with both of us using it for the first time. He was more than professional, had me do a walk around of the car with him, took a photo of my driver’s license and even picked me up curbside at LAX. The car was brand new and beautiful.”

Ryan now sees Turo as “a standalone platform that gives me the convenience I need to rent cars freely on my time.”

More than just getting where he needs to go

More so than just getting Ryan where he needs to go, he’s very happy about Turo’s convenient pick-up (specifically curbside) and drop-off locations at airports.

Ryan DJs on the side: “I am a DJ!!! Only part time though. It’s a hobby that turned into a second full-time job almost. I am a huge fan of electronic dance music, so I started spinning five years ago at my house and things just escalated from there. I am now a resident for Foundation Nightclub and Q Nightclub in Seattle plus have a revolving rotation on KNHC C89.5FM.”

His gigs can take him to lots of different locations.

Not only that, but he has family spread out as well (Olympia, Bellingham, and Vancouver, Washington). “I have rented quite a few different cars so far. Obviously I love the high-end Mercedes, but the Prius has been by far the best. The gas mileage is just incredible.”

Saving time and money

Now that he’s had access to Turo and knows how much he likes it, he actually got rid of his vehicle four months ago because he and his wife just weren’t using it. “We live and work in Seattle so we were just wasting money on a car.”

On top of saving money from no longer owning a vehicle, Ryan estimates he has saved $500 by not using traditional rental car agencies. But he’s quick to say that that’s not the biggest benefit in his eyes.

“If I had to estimate, we’ve saved $500 in rental fees by using Turo vs. traditional rental car companies. Not to mention the time saved, which I think is more valuable… My favorite benefit of Turo is the pick-up and drop-off flexibility. I am not a fan of waiting for the shuttle and going to the rental car facility just to stand in line…My wife and I are movers and shakers, we’re city people so we just want to get in and go! That’s why Turo has been so great for us.”

Finally, there’s another financial benefit Ryan wants to point out. “I also like the fact you can use a debit card and there are no financial holds on your account.”

Ryan knows that renting with Turo is a two-way street, and he treats any rental car as if it’s his own vehicle. And the care and great experiences he’s had so far from various car owners ensures he’ll be coming back for more.

Amanda L. Grossman is a stretcher of paychecks and a post-it note lover. When not blogging at Turo, she's transitioning to her new Mommy-role in Houston where she lives with her husband and two cats.