posted on May 30th, 2019

Doing your research means getting it right

A 21-year Army veteran with tours in Iraq and Europe under his belt, Turo host Trevor D. knows a thing or two about training, preparedness, and responsibility. He’s now a JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) teacher at a Dallas-area middle school, instilling those same leadership, social awareness, and critical thinking skills from his Army career into the next generation. He’s also a father of three, so he knows how to run a tight, well-oiled ship. So his path to becoming a Turo All-Star Host was not at all surprising.

Trevor in his middle school classroom

Consulting the Carculator

Last year, while Trevor was watching the news, he saw a story about a man who was able to afford two Teslas by sharing them part-time on Turo. And Trevor was in the market for a second car — he makes the two-hour drive from Dallas to Fort Hood on a regular basis, and wanted something reliable and comfortable to get him there.

So he did his research about becoming a Turo host. Initially Trevor was just looking for another vehicle so he could avoid putting extra miles on his primary car. “But once I started really looking into it, I thought, maybe I can get something new,” he says. Trevor found the Carculator, and played around with it to get an idea of how much he might make sharing different cars in the Dallas area.

Trevor’s 2019 Honda Civic (Dallas, TX)

After doing his due diligence, and exploring different options on the Carculator, Trevor bought a brand-new 2019 Honda Civic! The Civic is famously reliable, and the results Trevor got with the Carulator were promising enough for him to spring for an optioned-up new model.

Trevor listed the car in January of this year, and the hosting gig has been good to him ever since. He’s happy to report that his earnings have been even better than the Carculator estimated. “At first, I was thinking Turo would cover maybe half the payments or something,” he says. “But it’s actually working even better than what I saw using the Carculator. Sometimes it works too well — I have to block off time so I can use the car myself!”

Trevor at Fort Hood this Memorial Day weekend

Trevor has already hosted over 25 trips, with glowing reviews across the board. He made the cut to become an All-Star Host for the very first round of the All-Star Host program. And he’s got a brand new car to boot.

“So yeah, I’m really glad I checked around with the Carculator before buying my car,” Trevor says. “It’s looking like I made a great choice.”

If you’re thinking about becoming a host, do your diligence like Trevor did and check out the Carculator so you can make an informed decision.

Steven is an avid car guy and content specialist at Turo. Between Golden State Warriors games he can be found getting lost somewhere in California.