posted on September 15th, 2017

It’s no secret that earning five-star reviews on Turo, or any marketplace for that matter, will have a positive effect on your bottom line. While we often tout the basics, there’s a lot of simple things that hosts can do to help secure those coveted five-star reviews, and in turn, earn even more.

1. Optimize your listing

Less is never more when it comes to your listing. Since we started offering free photo shoots for our hosts’ cars, we’ve found that listings with professional photography attract up to 50% more traffic from travelers than those with mediocre or amateur shots.

In a recent study of new listings by our data science team, descriptions with more than 410 characters were about 8% more likely to receive a trip request than listings with less than 130 characters. Beyond just imaginative descriptions or pretty pictures, your car’s listing is really where the trip begins for your guest, so it’s important to set expectations and anticipate any questions travelers might have.

2. Communication is key

As soon as you’ve accepted a trip (or better yet, when your car has been booked instantly), send your guest a message confirming the details and any logistics of the trip. When the trip begins, be sure to walk them through the basic nuances of your car that may be different on every car. When you show them how to open your car’s fuel door, it’s also a good opportunity to fit in a friendly reminder to refuel. With prompt responses and proactive communication, you’ll make things easy for everyone.

3. Invest in providing extra amenities

Whether your guests are traveling from another country or neighbors embarking on a weekend getaway, anything you can do to make the trip comfortable will go a long way. Practical items like phone charger, auxiliary cords, and universal mounts make navigating new terrain more familiar. Personal touches like bottled water or even a bag of cookies you baked from your secret family recipe will show that you really went the extra mile.

4. Keep your car in top shape

Taking the time to give your car a good cleaning before a trip starts goes without saying, but aside from the cosmetic condition of your car, most travelers also want to feel assured that your car is well maintained and ready for the road. Services like YourMechanic not only make basic preventative maintenance easy, they also provide vehicle health reports via the app that you can use to stay on top of everything and even share this information with your travelers to put their minds at ease. OBD devices, like those provided by Metromile, are similarly capable of detecting service lights in your car as well as mileage, location, and fuel level.

5. Be yourself

Turo is so much more than just a marketplace, it’s a community. Renting a car from a local host is an essential part of the experience that travelers just don’t get from the rental car counter. Provide recommendations for your favorite spots around town, tips on the best routes, or just geek out with a fellow gearhead. This type of personalization is a reminder that your car is part of a story, not a fleet.

Share your tips

Given Turo’s average trip rating is a solid 4.85 out of 5 stars, we know our hosts are the real experts. Share your tips and insights with us and other fellow hosts in our newly created Turo Talk group. Share ideas, support each other, and receive exclusive access to new product features, special events and all things Turo.    


Chris is the Community Manager at Turo. He’s a proud father to three rescue dogs and has become immune to jet lag in all his travels (or maybe it’s just the coffee).