posted on August 24, 2014

It can be difficult when you want to continue contributing financially to your family but you are also a stay-at-home parent. This is the situation Stacee H. found herself in — both knowing that being a stay-at-home parent to her daughter was a priority, but also still wanting to contribute towards her and her husband’s shared goal of living debt-free.

Deciding to rent out a car on Turo

When asked why she decided to rent her vehicle with Turo, Stacee said: “I’m a stay-at-home mom and I really wanted to feel like I was contributing to our family’s financial goals…When we found out about Turo and how they took care of the insurance for your car and the amount we would get paid, we couldn’t resist! We knew our car would be protected in the event of any damage so we didn’t have to worry.”

She and her husband are now hooked, and not just for money reasons. “I love the community aspect of Turo. I have gotten to meet so many different people from all over the US and help them save money, while also making me money. It’s a total win-win situation.”

Contributing financially to the household

Stacee and her family have some big financial plans. She says, “the extra money we earn with Turo is going toward our vehicle loan. After our car is paid off, we will be using the money to pay extra on our student loans. Our goal is to be 100% debt-free and live only on cash. Turo is a huge factor in helping us reach this goal!”

She loves that Turo is available for her to supplement her husband’s income without her having to go outside of the home and get a part-time job.

While Stacee has only been renting her vehicle since June of 2014, she considers it steady income so far. In July, she and her family brought in almost $500! This has not altered their routine much, either. Stacee explains, “I don’t always need my car, but when I do, I can take my husband to work and use his car.”

Tips to earn more money on Turo

Stacee has offered airport pick-up and dropoff with each of her rentals because of her close proximity to PDX airport, which has certainly helped with finding renters. She suggests a few other ways to increase request and approval rates: “Make sure your listing on Turo is clear, concise, and free of spelling and grammar errors. Try to respond to every inquiry as soon as possible, and try to be as flexible as you can be.”
If you’re in the Vancouver, Washington area, need an airport pick-up/dropoff from PDX (Portland, Oregon), and would rather have your money go towards helping this couple pay down their debts than a traditional car rental agency’s bottom line (not to mention deal with a lot less hassle and fine print), then be sure to rent Stacee’s 2012 Chevrolet Sonic.

Amanda L. Grossman is a stretcher of paychecks and a post-it note lover. When not blogging at Turo, she's transitioning to her new Mommy-role in Houston where she lives with her husband and two cats.