posted on June 24, 2022

Every year, Pride month is an opportunity to pause and celebrate who we are, and recognize the progress we’ve made and the work that continues. At Turo we’ve taken time this June to celebrate and appreciate each other and uphold our values of inclusivity, belonging, and collaboration. To our LGBTQA+ community and beyond, happy Pride!

The Turo marketplace thrives on and requires those values — everyone is welcome at Turo. Every individual who has booked a trip, shared their car on Turo, or works at Turo has their own unique story, so providing a welcoming, trusting environment is central to the Turo experience.

Azlynn M. (she/her)
Account Review Operations Specialist, Phoenix
Turo is the first workplace where I feel I can authentically show up as myself, and the existence of ERGs like Prism has helped make that possible. A part of being queer is having to come out almost daily to every new person you meet, and unfortunately, work is not always a safe place to do that. Having an ERG provides instant allies, friends, representation, and acceptance for new employees. As someone who came out later in life, knowing that you work with others who publicly accept and support you makes being out and proud that much easier! I am looking forward to seeing Prism grow and provide that safe space and acceptance for all!

Meet Prism

At Turo, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), internally known as Affinity Groups, play an important role in connecting employees within companies, and I am proud to lead our ERG, Prism. I teamed up with another co-worker and said I think it’s time we create a true safe space for the LGBTQA+ community here. I truly believe in the phrase “it takes a village,” and that’s how our core values came to life, and we collectively decided on our group name. Prisms are transformative, reflective, and help us see beautiful spectrums of light. And, like us, represents a spectrum of identities. Prism helps amplify the voices of our LGBTQA+ team members, and advocates for the community by providing resources and a safe space that is inclusive for all.

Matthew C. (he/him)
Sr. Manager, Learning & Development, San Francisco
As the Global Learning Leader at Turo, it’s important we develop inclusive training programs that make our learners feel safe and comfortable. That’s easy to do at Turo because of our culture and values. I love that Turo has an ERG that represents my community — our Slack channel is #Affinity-Prism. Having an ERG that represents the LGBTQ+ community and its allies shows our team’s dedication to appreciating all people, and to providing a safe space where we can bring our authentic selves to the table.

For me, Pride month is also important to recognize and support the friends and family around me who are a part of the LGBTQA+ community, and I’m fortunate to work for a company that celebrates this diversity and inclusion.

Dana B. (she/her)
Sr. People Operations Business Partner, Phoenix
Ensuring that new employees feel welcome goes far beyond receiving swag or a complimentary breakfast (although, we love those, too!). On day one of New Hire Orientation, our new colleagues begin by introducing themselves and sharing their personal pronouns. By incorporating them into our introductions, we aim to support those who are transgender, nonbinary, or gender nonconforming to feel more comfortable sharing their pronouns and skip drawing unwanted attention. For those who are new to pronoun usage, it’s a learning opportunity and communicates that all gender identities are welcome here.

To celebrate Pride month at Turo, Prism has educated our colleagues on the monumental events in the LGBTQA+ community and hosted a variety of activities and events. We’ve held events discussing and learning about Marsha P. Johnson, to the Pink Triangle, and even the history of same-sex marriage. To cap off the rest of the month, we will be hosting a Drag Queen happy hour at our Phoenix and San Francisco offices and having a lunch discussion about the Netflix documentary “Disclosure.” We all have our full-time jobs to focus on, but this month we have made a bigger effort to connect on more of a personal level, which has been enriching. 

We believe Pride is something to celebrate all year round. So besides these special Pride month events, our group continually works to provide feedback on our internal practices at Turo, empower our many allies, advance our policies and advocacy agenda, and push to achieve our goal of a perfect Human Rights Campaign score. All of this work is super important in creating a safe and collaborative workspace, and we hope the culture we foster here in our offices resonates with the rest of the Turo community.

Joshua C. (he/him)
Trust & Safety Specialist, Phoenix
I have always been passionate about culture, diversity, and inclusion in my workplace. At prior companies, there were times when I felt isolated and left out. At Turo, I am excited to have joined our LGBTQIA+ ERG, called Prism, which has helped shape an environment where we evolve the way we work, come together as a team, foster a strong sense of belonging, and create opportunities for safe conversations. I’m proud to be an openly gay man at Turo and do not feel afraid about others judging me for who I am. If you’re nervous to join your own company’s ERG, the first step is to embrace who you are. Then, step outside of your comfort zone. I am glad I did.

Making room at the table for voices to be heard is an important commitment for us here at Turo, and we’re proud to count LGBTQA+ people as our friends, colleagues, and family members.

Jesse is QA Specialist at Turo. Just a midwest guy in the deserts of Arizona looking for his next adventure, whether it be hiking, kayaking, or dining at a fresh new restaurant.