posted on October 16, 2020

Our Canadian community parties looked a little different this year

Usually, we wrap up the summer with a community host party. Everyone gathers to celebrate the end of the season and connect with other hosts. Of course, things haven’t gone according to the normal plan this year. 

Instead, Canadian All-Star Hosts received exclusive tickets to socially distanced events in their local communities.

After all, 2020 has been the year of staycations, and we wanted to help hosts explore their local communities. 

In the 6ix, hosts scored tix to one of three events. Some hosts rolled into the Immersive Van Gogh’s Gogh by Car exhibit, where attendees could view an original combination of art, music, and cinematography, all from the comfort of their car.

Outdoorsy hosts could choose one of two unique experiences at the Toronto Zoo. Option one was the Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari, which allowed visitors to see the animals from their car. Option two was the Toronto Zoo Terra Lumina Night Walk, where visitors travelled to the year 2099 and experienced a world where humans and nature live in harmony. 

Meanwhile in Montreal, hosts picked up movie tickets for the Royalmount Drive-in Event Theatre. Sharing a movie with others from the safety of their car was the perfect way to feel connected with fellow Montrealers from a distance.

Our West Coast hosts in Vancouver joined their fellow Montreal hosts in spirit by watching a film at the Twilight Drive-in theatre. Others opted for spectacle, visiting Moon & Back, Vancouver’s first mirror light gallery. As the most recent members of the Turo community, all hosts in Vancouver were offered tickets to celebrate their first summer on the platform. We can’t wait to see how many All-Star hosts develop.

A big thank you to our All-Star Hosts

Our All-Star Hosts are better than a full tank of gas, a string of green lights, and even low gas prices.


Because of their positivity, resilience, and passion.

Since the start of the pandemic, people around the world have watched their businesses contract. Turo hosts were no exception. But within a matter of weeks, the host community rallied and adjusted its operations in real time by following heightened sanitation policies and shifting from moving tourists around to moving community members around. Since April, Turo hosts have helped essential workers commute to their shifts, vulnerable community members buy their groceries, and more

So, to our All-Star Hosts, thank you for continuing to provide five-star, high-quality experiences to our guests.

Fingers crossed, we’ll be safely gathering for a community event sooner rather than later.