posted on December 16th, 2015

A boyhood love story

Throughout December, we’re showcasing some of the sweetest cars that Turo owners have to offer with our “12 cars of Christmas” blog series. Start ticking cars off your must-drive bucket list, or get inspired to rent out your killer ride and share the love with other car aficionados.

Since the tender age of 12, Alex P. had wanted to own an Aston Martin, but it was a pretty extravagant toy to justify. But a few months ago, he finally splurged, legitimizing the purchase by renting it out to recoup some of the cost.

Aston 5

And a fulfilling investment it has been — both financially, and personally. He (and his inner 12 year old) relish cruising around town in his dream car — from the panoramic Pacific Coast Highway and the twists and turns of Mulholland Drive to just running errands, driving his dream car makes everyday chores all the more exciting.

Aston 1

“It’s a great car to impress people, and better yet, it’s a ton of fun to drive,” he said. His first renter surprised his long-distance girlfriend at the airport with the Aston and took her out for a nice dinner at an LA hotspot.

Aston 2

And while Teslas are all the rage these days, especially in California, Alex counters, “Teslas are fun to drive, but they don’t have the roar of a V12 engine.”

Aston 7

Renting out his Aston is about the money, sure, but it’s also about sharing that dream drive, his boyhood dreams, and that inimitable roar. He’s renting it out for the love of the car itself, so he’s priced it really competitively. “I’m massively undercutting the prices of other exotic rental car agencies around LA,” he says.

Aston 4

In LA and want to fulfill your childhood supercar dreams?

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