posted on December 28th, 2015

2015 has been a pretty epic year for Turo.

First, foremost, and most obviously, we shed our old RelayRides clothes and gussied ourselves up as Turo — our new and vibrant travel brand inspired by our dynamic community.

Second, and speaking of our dynamic community, we hosted a whopping 11 member events across the United States, with the Turo team traveling over 45,000 miles to meet over 550 members of our community. In all, we hosted get-togethers in Denver (twice!), Honolulu, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and each one was as fun and fruitful as the last.

So what comes out of these little fiestas? A lot of really great ideas.

Not only did we get to share some good times with you guys, we also got some super insightful feedback that’s driven many of this year’s accomplishments and product enhancements.

Here’s a rundown of what was accomplished this year:

Mobile Trip Checklist

It’s a mobile, mobile world, and owners justifiably were ready for a digital version of the Trip Checklist. Mobile Trip Checklists make key handoffs easier and less clunky by avoiding clipboards and storing the information right in your phone. Good call guys!

Maximum delivery radius

You asked, we answered. Several owners nationwide requested the ability to set a maximum delivery radius, so they wouldn’t overcommit when delivering their car and end up driving to the hinterlands. This option is now available on your dashboard.

Customizable delivery settings

Many owners wanted more customizable delivery settings, specifically to set different delivery prices for different airports in their regions (this was a particularly hot topic in Denver, where DIA is a hefty trek from the Mile High City).

Now, in addition to setting a maximum delivery radius mentioned above, car owners can adjust their prices for various airports and trip durations.

Specialty car eligibility

Many owners have unique, exotic, or vintage cars that don’t necessarily fall within our previous eligibility parameters — beautiful, one-of-a-kind cars that they were ready to share with the world. We’ve since started working with folks individually to get their cars listed and protected on Turo, including a Lamborghini, vintage Fiat, and killer camper van.

Have a unique car you’d like us to take a second look at? Email

Improved pricing options

Owners have been clamoring for improved pricing options to help them maximize their earnings, and we heard them loud and clear. Here are a few improvements we made in 2015:

  • We introduced calendar-based pricing to provide members greater flexibility in managing their prices
  • We activated more intuitive duration pricing discounts for owners to provide discounts for weekly and monthly guests
  • We rolled out Dynamic Pricing, which allows Turo to dynamically adjust prices each day according to demand to maximize earnings

While we’ve come a long way with pricing, we’re only getting started and plan to optimize it even more in 2016.

The best part about our member parties though?

Hanging out with you guys!

Sometimes we bowled…

year-in-review-1Sometimes we clowned around…

year-in-review-3And we always chill out and chat…





Keep that feedback coming, guys, and stay tuned for a member party coming to your city in the new year!

As a send off to 2015, we’ll leave you a snapshot of our Turo launch party, DJed by our CEO and fearless leader, Andre. Cheers to 2016!


During the week, Steve is head of community and communications at Turo. During the weekend, he's a travel and outdoor enthusiast without a car. All of his US adventures are fueled by Turo.