Cedric Mathieu

by Cedric Mathieu

posted on June 15, 2020

BC, it’s your turn to earn. 

After years of hard work, Turo has officially landed in BC.

You may be wondering what took us so long. After all, BC is the perfect province for a car sharing service, and for Turo in particular. It boasts spectacular natural scenery, vibrant cities, and ample opportunities for adventure. 

You’re right. The truth is, BC’s been on our radar since the moment we arrived in Canada in 2016. 

But you know what they say: Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and a big part of doing right by our community is ensuring they’re properly covered when using the Turo marketplace. 

After several years of discussions with the provincial government and ICBC, Turo was finally able to obtain a new insurance product that equally protects both hosts and guests. Starting today, every reservation in BC will be covered by a protection plan offering $2 million in liability insurance and physical damage coverage up to the full value of the car, with no deductible for hosts. This means that our BC community will enjoy the same level of protection as all the other Canadian provinces that Turo supports.

Since our Canadian launch, hosts and guests have made Turo the country’s largest and fastest-growing car sharing platform. As of today, our Canadian Turo community is 850,000 people strong and includes 35,000 car listings in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia… and now British Columbia. 

We don’t use the word community lightly. Yes, Turo is a way for people to see the sights, enjoy a weekend getaway, or roll up to their friend’s wedding in style. But as we’ve witnessed over the past few months, it’s also a platform for enriching communities and keeping neighborhoods mobile. 

If you’re a Turo host, chances are you’re the reason someone got to work on time, could make a big grocery store run for their vulnerable neighbours, or drive their loved ones to an important doctor’s appointment. If you’re a Turo guest, you’ve likely helped someone cover their car payment or make ends meet after a job loss. 

According to an Angus Reid Global survey, BC car owners shell out $7,700 per year, on average, for their vehicle, but they’re using them less than 4% of the time. In a province already known for its high cost of living, and at a time when financial constraints are magnified, we’re proud to help BC car owners turn their cars into earnings engines and play our part in making life in the province a little more affordable.

And as the province returns to a “new normal” given this year’s challenging circumstances, residents will be able to book unique cars perfect for any occasion and turn this summer’s staycations into local trips to remember.

Cedric Mathieu

Cedric Mathieu

Cedric is the Vice-President in charge of Canada at Turo. When he's not busy exploring the country, you'll find him in Toronto looking for the best restaurant or latest art exhibition in the city.

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