posted on December 5, 2012

To pretend that driving a Tesla is not a beautiful, luxurious experience, would be foolish. All the Tesla models are designed for ease and comfort, and packed with special features to make drivers feel like the ruler of a small kingdom. The doors of the car part for you when you approach, the suspension automatically adjusts, and the autopilot feature not only takes you where you need to go, but also parks itself — could it be more at your service?


Contrary to popular belief, the royal driving treatment isn’t limited to those who can purchase a Model S or Model X. While renting a Tesla through a traditional rental car company can set you back in the range of $400 to $900 dollars per day, renting a Tesla on Turo is reasonably priced.

For those unfamiliar with Turo, it’s like the Airbnb of cars, meaning wherever you need a car, Turo can connect you with a nearby owner looking to rent their car. Taking a Tesla out for a spin through Turo is usually 30% cheaper than rental car companies. Plus, Turo has the most comprehensive network of Teslas for rent in the country, so you can choose the model you want.

You might think that owners of such sophisticated machines would be concerned about renting them, but Turo’s Tesla owners enjoy connecting with renters, who generally share their enthusiasm for Teslas. There’s certainly a camaraderie built around nerding out and appreciating the remarkable qualities of these cars.

If you’re curious about experiencing these remarkable qualities first-hand, check out these affordable Teslas for rent on Turo, or search for Teslas in your area.

Ashwin’s Tesla Model S 2014 for $99 per day

Grayson’s Tesla Model S 2013 for $119 per day


Ben’s Tesla Model S 2013 for $123 per day


Richard’s Tesla Model X 2016 for $200 per day


Patricia’s Tesla Model X 2016 for CA$340 per day