Earn more from your fleet

Qualify for a $1,000 new listing bonus*

How much could I earn per car?

Market value of your car
Days per month your car is rented
You could earn
per year

The data’s in the driver’s seat

Turo will dynamically set your car’s daily price based on market value, location, time of year, and other data sets to maximize your listing’s competitiveness.

The number of days rented will depend on your availability, your responsiveness to trip requests, whether you rent out from your home or whether you deliver your car to airports or other city locations, and the demand for cars in your hometown.

“Car owners in the [Turo] program can recoup hundreds of dollars a month to offset car payments, insurance and other costs of ownership.”

The New York Times

“[Turo] is like Airbnb, but for real people’s cars.”


“I’ve made over $12,000 renting out my car and it’s allowed me to live in San Francisco.”

Yahoo! Finance

“You can earn… up to $600 [per month]”


How it works

Maximum Reach

List your car on Turo to get more bookings and increase income.

It’s free to list

Only 10% commission for rental car companies offering renters their own insurance product. No monthly fees, no buy-in.

Hassle Free

Turo provides payment processing, a technology platform, and a community of trusted renters.

Qualify for a $1,000 new listing bonus

Contact us to learn more about a feature coming soon tailormade for independent rental car agencies like yours.

*To qualify for the $1,000 bonus, you must: 1) Fill out this form; 2) Be a new Turo user; 3) Get contacted and approved by a Turo account manager; 4) List at least one car in the Turo marketplace; 5) Decline the Turo insurance offering and offer renters insurance of no less than the state minimum; and 6) Net at least $5,000 within 90 days of listing your first car. Once these criteria are met, you’ll get $1,000 applied to your net earnings on Turo. Maximum earning per owner is $1,000 regardless of the number of cars listed.

To qualify for the 10% commission, you must be a professional car rental agency who declines the Turo insurance offering and offers commercial insurance coverage to renters of no less than the state minimum.